Jonny Dav - Driving me crazy - Дело чести саундтрэк

Jonny Dav - Driving me crazy - Дело чести саундтрэк
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Размещено: 2017-02-13

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1. I remember the day we met
My heart awoke, my eyes were wet
Why do I hurt you why don't you hold me
I remember the tears in your eyes
I can't forget the moment you cried
Then, I left you
And you hate me
I don't want to change my life
Only want to see you're laughing
Simply want to know
How could you let me go
Please just let me know
Oh baby, it's driving me crazy
Time after time, tried to make up your mind
Just wasted my time
2. My mind can't hold the picture of you
Life goes on, whatever we do and i've tried
To live without you i've learned more from you
And your spell
Set me free
Oh, what a hell?
send me the code
where to find you

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