Not For Now - Of Course It Bleeds

Not For Now - Of Course It Bleeds
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This is the last time I fall
Tying and binding, the thread through her lips
She's not speaking to you again, again
To you again
And fear on her face points to not breathing, and she will not learn, worried by more than you now
I fall down now, I fall down now
So what is left of me dear?
My corpse is quiet, and you're unimpressed
Thought of me wrongly I know
It's wrong again, I know
I will not stop
And reaching so hard to stop the sinking, and we can not love with hearts that are knifed in now I know
Now I know
So drift away to the sound of the same
You close your eyes at last
I love you
Of course this is going to bleed, dying inside and I'm laying awake, watching you dream alone
I know what to expect from you
Well now she's cuter in bed
The sheets hide pale skin, I'm blamed for the ink
She is not acting like you again
Again I drown in wrong again
Glass in her hand, she's now the living, and I can now go
I won't need more than you now
I know
Now I know
Drift through my veins into lungs
I sound all the same as I run
So anxiously now I'm fine
This heart (get down to this) is loud (try not to wait for)
Let go (just wait for), let go
Expect from you

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